Importance of AM and PM Routines with Obagi

Importance Of Am And Pm Routines With Obagi

We all have that occasional “oops, forgot to wash my face” night after a late night out (no judgment here!). But honestly, that’s not exactly the recipe for a radiant, glow-from-within complexion. Achieving it isn’t a one-shot deal, either. Your skin deserves only the best, and Obagi Medical has the perfect products for you to slay day and night!

Conquer every wrinkle, banish every blemish, and claim victory over dullness with Obagi!

Why Should You Build An AM and PM Skincare Routine?

You could question why professionals insist you follow full routines morning and night. It may sound a wee bit exaggerated, but the morning routine is meant for protection, while the evening routine is for repair.

Your fight against the ageing process must include both AM and PM skincare routines. Though the two routines are nearly identical, they have different roles for the skin. Therefore, wearing products in a certain order is not only worth knowing about, but your skin will indeed be reacting properly to the various penetrating ingredients and rolling back time for you.

The Ideal AM and PM Routine

Your AM regimen preps your skin for the day while also building a tough barrier to protect it from possible UV damage. The PM routine comes on as you shut off the lights and get ready to rest; it aims to repair what was damaged by stress and relax tense facial muscles.

1. Cleanse (AM and PM)

A gentle morning cleansing provides you with a quick option to remove any serums, creams, or oils you applied the night before. You can try micellar water for a thorough cleansing wash that won’t be harsh on the skin, such as Obagi’s gentle cleanser. Soothe the skin with a certified formula, and you’ll find it refreshes a sleepy complexion.

In the PM, if you need to use makeup cleansers and removers, apply these first. It makes the products you use penetrate your skin faster. Whether or not you wear makeup, it’s important to wash again. After a whole day of exposure to SPF and makeup products, a single cleanse won’t be enough to wipe off the oil, sweat, and dirt on your face. The essence of double cleansing is to prepare your skin for your nighttime skincare products, leaving it refreshed.

2. Toner (AM & PM)

Toners are a must-have in your skincare routine because they do two important things for your skin: they help balance its pH levels and provide an extra layer of cleansing. But if you’re willing to try its benefits, toner should always be applied after using facial cleansers. Toner, especially in the PM, helps to finish off any residual makeup that was left even after double-cleansing.

Toners supposedly prep and condition your skin for the rest of your routine. It’s like pre-gaming for your skin care regimen.

If you are new to nighttime routines, gentler toners like Nu-Derm Toner, which is alcohol-free and moisturising, may be the best to start with.

3. Serums (AM and PM)

When it comes to protecting the skin from environmental stressors that will come up in a typical day, using a good serum can be really effective when used together with SPF.

Serums contain good antioxidants and anti-ageing ingredients. One good example of that is vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid). You can try Obagi’s Professional C Serums for your morning routine or the Hydrating Serum, suitable for day and night.

4. Moisturisers (AM & PM)

Moisturising is the second-most important step that you can’t overlook when caring for your skin. When you apply your moisturiser, this is the skin’s opportunity to absorb and truly process all of the previous products that have been applied on top of it, while also helping to keep your skin hydrated.

You can think of this step as applying a “coat” over your skin to act as an extra barrier and prevent the products from escaping your skin before they can be effectively absorbed. The type of moisturiser your skin actually needs depends on its condition—whether it’s oily, dry, or a combination of both. Your own body will guide you in determining which type is most suitable for your skin to ensure it stays properly hydrated.

5. SPF (AM)

For those who don’t know, protection is always best. Your sunscreen should be applied last, as the very final step in your morning routine. SPF is your first line of defence against ageing and, most importantly, skin cancer.

Seek out a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, and be sure to apply it daily and always. It should always come right before your make-up.

6. Eye Cream (PM)

Eye creams can be effective in preventing the formation of fine lines and can also assist in reducing puffiness. However, it’s important to note that when it comes to pigmentation issues, especially vascular pigmentation, the effectiveness of creams may be limited, and they may not yield significant results.

Get You Glowing!

Consistency is key! Using Obagi products for your AM and PM routine gives you daily protection, repair activity, and nourishment that gives your skin a chance to survive. Release your inner skincare warrior and allow your skin the highest possibility of becoming even more beautiful.

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