Fat Dissolving Injections in London

We’re extremely proud of our safe, effective fat-dissolving injections here at Azimzadeh Aesthetics. Using industry-recommended products, we’re able to banish those stubborn areas of fat with long-lasting results that leave you feeling more confident and comfortable. 

The treatment is used to target the chin, chest, abdomen and thighs, and is particularly beneficial for body contouring and skin tightening. But this isn’t a quick fix for weight loss; rather it is for those small, particularly exercise-resistant areas to achieve targeted results. Book a free consultation at our London clinic.

What are fat-dissolving injections?

Fat dissolving injections are designed to target small stubborn areas of fat in the face and body. Our trained practitioners in London will administer small injections that emulsify fats and dissolve the membranes of fat cells.  

Made from plant-based compounds, including an active compound that naturally occurs in the human body, the injections work by making the fat cells unstable, allowing them to break down and clear through the body’s immune system.

What’s involved in the treatment?

A cannula is inserted, allowing the products to disperse throughout the targeted area and to minimise bruising, discomfort and swelling. 

Post-treatment, you will be able to return to your usual daily activities, but exercise should be avoided for at least seven days. You will experience swelling in the treated area and it may feel some discomfort and tenderness for up to two weeks.

The results

Fat-dissolving injections are a safe and effective way to target stubborn areas with long-lasting results. The fatty cells will continue to break down over a month post-procedure, encouraging skin tightening in the treated area and leaving a more contoured and toned look. The final results can take 4 – 12 weeks to achieve. Book a consultation at our London clinic now!

Why book this treatment with Azimzadeh Aesthetics?

With a passion for aesthetic medicine, the team at Azimzadeh Aesthetics has received some of the best training in the industry for fat dissolving treatment in London. Working with Professor Almeda, an expert with over 20 years of experience in this procedure, our training is of the highest standard and is regularly reviewed. 

We want you to feel confident in your skin, and this is one way that we can help. While the treatment is not a solution for weight loss, it offers a helping hand with the last hurdle in your journey. We’re here to help you understand each stage of the process and to determine together if this is the right treatment for you. Our clinic is based in St Johns Wood, London.

Before / After

The FAQs

Tenderness may be felt for 24 hours post-treatment, and up to 7 days following.
Swelling is to be expected following treatment. We also advise against any strenuous exercise for seven days, regardless of the area treated, to allow swelling and any tenderness to settle.
This is a permanent treatment. The fatty cells will not come back if you maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Light swelling and bruising will clear between seven and ten days. It may take up to four weeks for the tenderness to settle.
Sessions usually last 30 minutes depending on the area being injected. All time scales will be discussed at your consultation. Only one area can be injected at any one time.
Fat-dissolving injections are suited to most places that carry fat, these can be the chest, abdomen, arms and thighs, but can be applied to anywhere fat is felt.

The price for treatment varies depending on the area you want to target. For more information, please contact us.

Both treatments are suitable for those looking to combat stubborn areas of fat, but neither should be considered as a weight loss solution. Fat-dissolving injections enable clients to target a desired area while creating body sculpting and contouring, whereas liposuction is a more invasive, surgical procedure with significant recovery time. Sometimes one is a better option than the other, which is why a consultation is key. We give honest, medically advised opinions to all our patients.