Skin Biostimulation: Polynucleotides

Over the years, our skin gets a pretty rough deal – especially facial skin, which is exposed to the elements and typically comes off worst from conditions such as acne and eczema.

This can manifest in dry and aging skin, acne and other scarring, such as chickenpox scars, lining and cracking.

Polynucleotides are a relatively new concept of regenerative aesthetic medicine that encourage cell production and replacement to improve skin elasticity and hydration, and heal damaged skin.

We carry out extensive research and testing to identify and use the very best medically approved aesthetic skin products available, and our ‘skin first’ philosophy means we know the medical grade treatments we offer our patients are of the highest possible quality. Book an appointment at our London clinic today!

What are the benefits of Ameela skin biostimulation polynucleotides?

Ameela polynucleotides skin biostimulation promotes collagen and elastin production, helping to improve skin elasticity and firmness, which leads to smoother, younger-looking skin.

The treatment can also stimulate wound or scar healing by stimulating the proliferation of fibroblasts and promoting the formation of new blood vessels, and this can be particularly beneficial for patients undergoing certain aesthetic procedures to address mild skin disfigurement.

Because of their high water-binding capacity, polynucleotides treatment also helps to hydrate the skin and improve its moisture levels, resulting in a plumper, more radiant complexion.

Since polynucleotides are derived from natural sources, such as salmon DNA, they’re biocompatible with the human body, significantly reducing any risk of complications.

Polynucleotide Treatment in London
Polynucleotide Treatment in London - Skin Biostimulation

How does Ameela skin biostimulation work?

Ameela is a naturally occurring DNA injectable that supports your skin from the inside by creating an ideal environment for biostimulation and the repair and regeneration of your skin tissue on a cellular level.

The treatment triggers the enhanced production of collagen and elastin and has the added benefit of an antioxidant effect in the fight against free radicals.

An application of Ameela results in a histological change – or structural cell change – of fibroblasts (cells that help to form connective tissue), osteoblasts (cells that help to form bone tissue), and adipocytes (fat storing cells).

This means positive effects are seen quickly – and a lift in skin structure is visible after just a few minutes.

Who would benefit from Ameela skin biostimulation treatment?

This treatment is particularly suitable for patients who are experiencing loss of skin elasticity, and also for anyone who is looking to mitigate or reverse the effects of acne scarring and other mild skin disfigurement.

It is suitable for both men and women of all ages.

We recommend a course of 2 treatments, 30 days apart.

Benefit From Polynucleotides Skin Biostimulation Treatment
Polynucleotide Treatment in London - Skin Biostimulation

Why book this treatment with Azimzadeh Aesthetics?

We have extensive experience in the most up-to-date and medically advanced skincare techniques, allowing us to restore natural beauty to your face, neck, and hands.

Azimzadeh Aesthetics was created by Hannah Azimzadeh, a qualified, practicing nurse and independent prescriber who has worked with the UK’s finest rhinoplasty surgeon.

The clinic reflects Hannah’s passion for aesthetic medicine. Having been trained at the Royal Society of Medicine, Hannah has continuously worked to update her knowledge and skills in line with the latest thinking around aesthetic health and beauty care through regular training and industry seminars.

Using her experience and expertise, she has sought to always provide world class care for her patients through the very best treatments and client experience.

Our aim is to ensure each of our clients leaves looking as natural as possible. Our clinic is based in St Johns Wood, London.

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The FAQs

Polynucleotides (natural DNA injectables) are specifically designed to address concerns related to loss of skin laxity and acne scarring. Polynucleotide injections promote the biostimulation and repair of skin tissue on a cellular level, improving skin texture, elasticity, and overall appearance.
Polynucleotides can be used to treat multiple areas, including the face, neck, and eyes.
Ameela is a naturally occurring DNA injectable gel that supports your skin from the inside by creating an ideal environment for the biostimulation and repair of your skin tissue on a cellular level. These active ingredients enhance collagen and elastin production, provide antioxidant effects against free radicals, and bind water to the skin for improved hydration and texture.
For optimal results, we recommend a course of 2 treatments, spaced 30 days apart.
Polynucleotides work by creating an ideal environment for skin biostimulation and repair at a cellular level. They enhance the production of collagen and elastin, providing antioxidant effects against free radicals and binding water to the skin for improved hydration and texture. This results in smoother, radiant skin and improved tissue elasticity.
Discomfort during this treatment is typically minimal. However, patients may experience mild discomfort or a sensation of pressure during the injection process.
There is minimal downtime associated with this treatment. Patients can generally resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, some individuals may experience mild redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites, which typically subside within a few days.
After the treatment, the treated areas may experience tenderness and sensitivity for 24-48 hours. We will be sure to provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure maximum benefits from your treatment.