Under Eye Skin Booster: Sunekos

Your eyes have one of the most important roles to play in expressing your natural beauty – it’s why the cosmetics industry devotes so much of its shelf space to products designed to bring out the best in them.

It’s all very well investing in expensive make up to show your eyes in their best light, but if the skin around them isn’t in tip top condition, there’s only so much those products can achieve.

We’ve spent years researching and learning the secrets of skin science, using extensive and ongoing testing to find, curate and use the very best and most advanced medical skin booster products available.

And because we’ve invested that time and effort over many years, we know that our medically proven treatments are of the highest possible quality. Book an appointment at our London clinic today!

Why is under eye skin care important?

Your face is probably the only part of your body that’s exposed to the elements all the time – from the wind, rain and freezing temperatures of winter to the damaging UV sunlight and hot days of summer.

It’s fair to say our faces take quite a battering over the course of the year – and most of the time we’re not even aware of the damage that is being done to our skin.

This constant exposure, combined with natural aging and the lack of a good skincare routine, can result in dehydrated skin, loss of laxity around the eyes, and an increase in under-eye pigmentation (those ‘black circles’ we all tend to worry about).

Using a high quality under eye skin booster can help to rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin around the eye, improving elasticity and skin volume, and creating the perfect frame to bring out the best in your eyes.

Sunekos Under Eye Treatment in London
Sunekos Under Eye Skin Booster Treatment in London

Why choose Sunekos under eye skin booster?

Think of Sunekos as food for your skin. Via a combination of amino acids and hyaluronic acid, the treatment restores a youthful look by tightening skin where needed, plumping wrinkles and lines, and improving overall hydration.

Active amino acids break down pigmentation to treat dark circles in the eye area, sun-damaged skin, and skin lacking in volume. 

Sunekos is widely regarded as being the new gold standard in reducing expression lines and thin wrinkles, and preventing signs of aging, thickening of the skin, and loss of elasticity.

It also closely replicates the natural lifting and volumising of the skin around the eyes, making it the only natural product in professional dermo-aesthetics that stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin to restore elasticity and volume.

How does Sunekos under eye skin booster work?

Prior to any treatment our highly experienced and expert practitioner will have a consultation with you to determine your skincare needs and draw up a treatment plan that meets your individual requirements.

Sunekos is an injectable treatment that restores skin elasticity and natural volume, while also stimulating your body’s own production of collagen and elastin to ensure the results you see last for as long as possible – typically up to 6 months (depending on skin type). 

And best of all, there is no recovery time required – once your treatment is complete, you’re free to get straight back into life as normal.

To achieve the best results, we recommend a course of 3 treatments, 14 days apart. Further treatment may be beneficial after 6 months.

Sunekos Under Eye Skin Booster Treatment
Under Eye Skin Booster Treatment in London

Who would benefit from Sunekos under eye skin booster treatment?

Although Sunekos skin booster treatments are used extensively on the skin under and around the eyes to improve elasticity, volume, lift and pigmentation, it can also be used to tackle expression lines and thin wrinkles on the forehead, and decolletage.

It is particularly beneficial to anyone experiencing

The treatment is suitable for both men and women and also offers a range of rejuvenating eye and general skin benefits for patients of all ages.

Why book this treatment with Azimzadeh Aesthetics?

We have extensive experience in the most up-to-date and medically advanced skincare techniques, allowing us to restore natural beauty to your face, neck, and hands.

Azimzadeh Aesthetics was created by Hannah Azimzadeh, a qualified, practicing nurse and independent prescriber who has worked with the UK’s finest rhinoplasty surgeon.

The clinic reflects Hannah’s passion for aesthetic medicine. Having been trained at the Royal Society of Medicine, Hannah has continuously worked to update her knowledge and skills in line with the latest thinking around aesthetic health and beauty care through regular training and industry seminars.

Using her experience and expertise, she has sought to always provide world class care for her patients through the very best treatments and client experience.

Our aim is to ensure each of our clients leaves looking as natural as possible. Our clinic is based in St Johns Wood, London.

Sunekos Under Eye Skin Booster Treatment in London

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The FAQs

Sunekos is specifically designed to address multiple concerns related to the under-eye area, including dehydrated skin, loss of skin laxity, under-eye pigmentation, wrinkles, and fine lines. It restores skin elasticity, natural volume, and hydration, promoting a more youthful and refreshed appearance.
Sunekos is formulated for use in the under-eye area, targeting delicate skin concerns such as dark circles, wrinkles, and loss of volume. It is specifically tailored to address the unique needs of this area, providing targeted rejuvenation and hydration.
Sunekos contains a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Amino Acids. These ingredients work together to restore skin elasticity, promote collagen and elastin production, and improve overall hydration. The amino acids help break down pigmentation, treating dark circles and sun-damaged skin.
For optimal results, we recommend a course of 3 treatments, spaced 14 days apart. This treatment schedule ensures continuous improvement in under-eye skin hydration, firmness, and overall appearance. Additionally, maintenance treatments may be recommended to prolong the benefits of Sunekos.
Sunekos works by restoring skin elasticity and natural volume in the under-eye area, while promoting the body’s own production of collagen and elastin. The combination of amino acids and hyaluronic acid nourishes and revitalises the skin, tightening areas, plumping wrinkles and lines, and improving overall hydration. The amino acids also help break down pigmentation, treating dark circles and sun-damaged skin.
Discomfort during Sunekos is typically minimal. However, patients may experience mild discomfort during the injection process.
There is minimal downtime associated with Sunekos treatment. Patients can generally resume their normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, some individuals may experience mild redness, swelling, or bruising at the injection sites, which typically subside within a few days.
Refrain from applying makeup for 12 hours following the treatment and avoid alcohol and vigorous exercise for 24 hours. Swimming should be avoided for 48 hours, and exposure to extreme temperatures such as saunas or sunbeds should be avoided for at least 7 days. We will be sure to provide you with detailed aftercare instructions to ensure maximum benefits from your treatment.